Ingrid\’s Work Featured at the Hottest Restaurant in Atlanta


I found this foto from food critic Foodie Buddha.  He loves la Pietra Cucina.  Apparently so does Atlanta.  The restaurant has only been reopened a few days, and already it is one of the hottest places in town.  Recognize the great art on the walls?   They bought no fewer than 7 pieces of Ingrid\’s to grace their new renovation.  Wow, talk about a compliment.

Congratulations Ingrid and la Pietra Cucina!

3 thoughts on “Ingrid\’s Work Featured at the Hottest Restaurant in Atlanta”

  1. Much obliged for the linkage … what’s your story? i’d love to turn this into an art post over on the site.

    One point of clarification though; I’m not a food critic – I’m just some amateur hack with too much time on his hands 😉

    1. Of course you’re a food critic. Don’t be so modest. Your in-depth reviews are helpful to anyone who loves food (e.g. the human race).

      Take a look at Ingrid’s web site for more info. She is one of the most interesting artists working today. Don’t miss the bio page and press. I saw Melonie Griffith and Antonio Banderas on there as collectors! Great work.

      1. Blurg,
        That’s some nice words for you to say (especially in public), but na’ah … I just have a lot of fun doing this. I might think critically about what I eat, but I’m no food critic. Glad someone out there reads my rantings 😉


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